Rimuss – 100% party, 0% alcohol

With or without alcohol: celebrate in style with RIMUSS and FRIZZ

With: FRIZZ Spumante, Without: RIMUSS Secco, 100% Pleasure – 0% Alcohol

You are invited to an apéro and you have to drive after? Not a problem: with RIMUSS Secco you have an elegant, stylish alternative to Prosecco & Co. and can still drive home safely. The sparkling Rimuss Secco is perfect for adults as it is a lot less sweet than its little brother, Rimuss Party. For those who prefer the pleasure of a fruity, sparkling Spumante, the wine cocktail FRIZZ Spumante with its typical Italianità represents the perfect choice.


WITHOUT alcohol: Rimuss Secco – Drinking pleasure for adults redefined

Who does not know RIMUSS, the iconic Swiss sparkling drink? As a child, almost everyone in Switzerland will have been toasting with the adults with a glass of RIMUSS for Christmas and New Year. Kids love RIMUSS. As an adult, they find it a bit sweet. Therefore, the Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm has developed an adult version. The result is RIMUSS Secco, consisting of sparkling noble grape juice enriched with dealcoholised wine. The result: 0% alcohol – 100% pleasure. Compared to the kids’ champaign RIMUSS Party, RIMUSS Secco for adults is just about half as sweet and therefore a welcome alternative to Prosecco & Co.

Drinking pleasure at eye level and with no side effects

“Everybody toasts with Rimuss!” – With the development of RIMUSS Secco the Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm has added a new dimension to this promise. RIMUSS Secco represents a genuine innovation and remains faithful to the Rimuss brand that exists since 1954. 100% pleasure – 0% alcohol, constitutes the heart of each Rimuss variety. Yet, with RIMUSS Secco the brand has evolved. It is no longer “just” the classic festive beverage, but has become a typical non-alcoholic aperitif drink.

There is always a reason to avoid alcohol. Be it at an office apéro where you want to continue working after or have to drive home, for health reasons, in case of a pregnancy or simply because you prefer an alcohol free diet… always just opting for the standard orange juice or water is pretty boring, right? Delicious and with its stylish packaging RIMUSS Secco is a “new kid on the block” that does not have to fear the competition of its alcoholic counterparts: pure drinking pleasure at eye level and without side effects! RIMUSS Secco is available at beverage distributors and in retail for a recommended price of ca. CHF 7.50

With alcohol: FRIZZ Spumante – sparkling and versatile

For those who do not want to give up the pleasure of a fruity sparkling Spumante at the aperitif, can opt for FRIZZ Spumante – Pesca, for example – a wine cocktail with typical Italianità. Directly from Italy, FRIZZ consists of Italian rosé wine, peach juice and natural peach flavors. Applying the Charmat method, in which the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in bulk tanks, and is bottled under pressure, FRIZZ Spumante is produced in Hallau. Its bright orange color and the delicious scent that emanates from the noble prosecco bottle as soon as it is opened, already suggest the intense flavor of ripe peaches. FRIZZ Spumante Pesca provides a tang, fruity opening for every occasion and declines in an elegant, harmonious, full-bodied and persistent palate experience. FRIZZ Spumante is perfect for an aperitif, a movie night, for chilling out at home, for making a punch or mixing cool cocktails!

About Rimuss- und Weinkellerei Rahm AG

The Rimuss- and Weinkellerei Rahm AG is a leading producer of grape juice and wine specialties in German-speaking Switzerland. Its mission is to provide drinking pleasure to consumers in every stage of their life and to connect generations. In Hallau near Schaffhausen, the traditional family business employees 46 collaborators and produces about 6 million of bottles of wine and grape drinks per annum. Brands like Rimuss (sparkling noble grape juice) and FRIZZ (sparkling wine with fruit juice / natural flavors) enjoy high notoriety in the entire country. The major part of the shares is held by the charitable Rimuss foundation and social commitment is an integral part of the company’s values.