Clausthaler – The Beer among the non-alcoholic beverages


Everything a beer needs and ultimate alcohol-free enjoyment: Clausthaler is the pioneer among the non-alcoholic malt beverages. Its success is the first-class, refreshing taste. Produced in accordance with Germany’s centuries-old Beer Purity Decree (Reinheitsgebot of 1516), Clausthaler is made from the finest ingredients.

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About Clausthaler

After several years of research and development, the brand Clausthaler was brought to market in 1979. Within the shortest time after its launch, Clausthaler revolutionized the then still relatively unknown category « Non-alcoholic beer”. Today, the « non-alcoholic » variety with the trendsetter being Clausthaler is regarded as the most successful beer innovation in the last 30 years.

Clausthaler Classic is a full-bodied, aromatic premium beer that is brewed according to a special brewing style. The classic convinces by its fresh, characterful taste as well as by its excellent quality. A beer that fulfills the highest standards of refined enjoyment.

Clausthaler Extra Herb is a premium beer with accentuated hop notes that is brewed according to the Pilsner brewing style. With its typical, crisp Pils flavor, the brand quickly enchanted consumers and is still very popular today.

Clausthaler Radler is a refreshing, non-alcoholic premium beer mix; the ideal thirst quencher for those who want to stay fit and mobile without sacrificing pleasure. The refreshing blend of 60% Lemonade and 40% Clausthaler Classic with its inimitable, unique character, is especially appreciated in the summer, but can also be enjoyed on many other occasions. With just 33 kcal per 100 ml, Clausthaler has around 60% less calories than a comparable Radler made from regular beer and lemonade. Clausthaler Radler stands for excellent quality and is the best choice for athletes, people watching their figure, people who need to drive and all those, who would like to have a good time, simply without the worries that come with consuming alcohol.