5 reasons to become a coolbrander

Experience products & services

As a coolbrander you will be regularly invited to experience new and cool products and you will have the opportunity to provide honest feedback. Sometimes, you will get exclusive access to new products, even before their official launch!

Become a trendsetter

Being a coolbrander is all about having fun and shaping trends! By becoming part of our coolbrandz community you will be the first in the know! We will inform you of cool stuff out there and new products that are coming soon.

Co-develop with brands

Your honest and valuable insights will help both newcomers and renowned companies to develop products that actually meet your expectations and create desire. Sharing your vision with brands you love and that care to satisfy you, is a cool relationship!

Launch the word-of-mouth

As a coolbrander, you get the chance to launch the buzz and continue to spread the word on the products or services you have experienced. This is an opportunity for you to catch people’s attention, sharing with them cool, new stuff and teasing their desire to experience them.

Become an influencer

As a passionate expert, you will influence your community by sharing your valuable feedback on the products and services you have experienced. In recommending the products you love, you will contribute in making them known.

Cool is what YOU say it is.

Make sure you get heard! Interested?

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