New product experience: Montagne Jeunesse


New product experience: Montagne Jeunesse

Montagne Jeunesse
The iconic face masks from Montagne Jeunesse are an essential part in the beauty ritual of many women around the world. They love the brand not only for their quirky packaging, but mainly for its natural ingredients and its commitment to the welfare of animals. Montagne Jeunesse is synonymous with natural and nourishing care products for a glowing skin. All Montagne Jeunesse products contain natural, healthy ingredients, are produced in an environmentally friendly way and are free from animal substances. For more information about Montagne Jeunesse read this article.

We are delighted to be able to give our coolbranders the opportunity to discover Montagne Jeunesse and its fabulous products for themselves. 500 consumers will each be able to test and review a Peel Off Mask and a Clay Spa.

Passion for clean and healthy skin
We have selected the Passion Peel Off Face Masque for you to try. It contains Pulped Pomegranate, Passion Flower, Raspberry, Grape, Cranberry and Vitamin E. These are all anti-oxidants that help protect the skin, while pores get a deep clean peel-off. This face mask is free from Gluten, Nut Derivatives and has no added Parabens. Passion Flower is rich in Vitamins C and A and Potassium. It has antibacterial and healing properties leaving the skin clean, purified and protected. Pomegranate is renowned for its anti-aging benefits and antioxidant content. It is bursting with Vitamins A, C and E that protect the skin from free-radicals while cleansing. This peel off mask is suitable for normal and oily skin.

Dead Sea Mud Spa: a boost for thirsty skin
We have picked the Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Mud Spa for you to experience. It contains intensely invigorating and revitalising Dead Sea Minerals. The oceans’ nutrient rich Seaweed and Kelp have bee harvested right from the source. Breathe life back into skin!

All natural ingredients: the power of the ocean
This particular Clay Spa that we have chosen for you to discover contains Dead Sea Mud and Dead Sea Salt. Their contents are rich in minerals and remove dead skin and dirt, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. Dead Sea salt can also help reduce inflammation and improve circulation. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals; it has antibacterial properties and helps treat or prevent acne. It is also known to aid in the natural hydration of the skin, helping to keep it youthful and firm as well as smooth. The Dead Sea Mud Spa is suitable for combination, normal and oily skin.

We are looking for 500 persons who would like to discover Montagne Jeunesse and its wonderful face masks and to give feedback on their product experience. Interested? To participate, simply reply to the following survey until 24th December 2013 (extended to noon  26th December 2013). Among all survey participants, we will select the coolbranders for Passion Peel Off and Dead Sea Mud Spa.