Vichy SlowAge

Vichy Slow Âge – Feel young. Age slow.



Vichy interviewed 400 women and they all agree: there is not only correction of the past that matters, but also acting on the future of the skin from now. With Slow Âge, Vichy will help you to slow down apparition of ageing signs to preserve the healthy harmony of your features. It will help to change visibly the predictive course of skin’s ageing for a graceful future.

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Visibly changing the course of ageing

Slow Âge is the first daily care by Vichy that slows down the apparition of ageing signs by correcting them from their formation. When Vichy laboratories started working on this new daily care, they wanted to change the way the ageing signs are treated. Based on 9 years of research, they identified ageing phenomena – not yet at the stage of visible signs of ageing – that accumulate under the effects of environment (UV, pollution), emotions (stress, fatigue) and lifestyle. It means ageing signs are in formation long before we can notice them. This discovery led them to create Slow Âge that acts on ageing signs before you can detect them at surface.



The power of natural therapeutic ingredients

Slow Âge is the unique association of anti-oxidant extract of Baïcalin roots, strengthening probiotic-derived Bifidus and Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water. Among thousands of plant species in China, Vichy laboratories chose one. At first sight, one can believe it is just another ordinary flower. But neither excessive exposure to UV nor extreme cold, characteristic of the Shaanxi region, can alter this flower. This flower draws its strength from its roots, called by local population, golden roots.

Used for 2,000 years, they are one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the oldest pharmacopeia in the world. Vichy researchers demonstrated their impressive anti-oxidant, anti-UVA and anti-pollution powers.

Bifidus is obtained by fermentation of bacteria, called Bifidobacterium Longum. Once growth is completed, the bacteria are carefully disintegrated by means of ultrasound. After this disintegration, no fraction is isolated, thus ensuring the presence of all constituents in their natural distribution in Bifidus. Bifidus strengthens the skin barrier of the skin and decreases skin sensitivity. Thanks to Bifidus and the Vichy Mineralizing Thermal Water, Slow Âge makes the skin stronger.