Why should you become a coolbrander?

coolbrandz aims to propose products and experiences for testing and buying that are cool and fun. In becoming a coolbrander, you will be one of the first people to access novelties and to be able to try, evaluate and buy them. The feedback that you are giving on your product experiences will make you part of the brand universe as you are helping brands to shape their products and services in a way to match your expectations. Besides, you can help your favourite brands to gain notoriety by talking about them to your entourage – be it online or offline. Fun is the most important element here! This is why we are aiming to create fun experiences, contests, tastings and get togethers with the brands for you and your friends. While we regularly propose different product experiences you alone decide for which ones you apply. What is important to us however is that you provide feedback on your product experience via the many tools that we put at your disposal for that exact purpose! So in effect, we are not looking only for people interested in receiving free products but for those enjoying communicating about their product experiences and sharing their views and opinions.

What’s in it for brands?

Today’s consumers are no longer receptive of classic commercials and typical marketing messages that mass advertising used to force upon them in a disruptive, sometimes aggressive and mainly unilateral manner. The time of total abundance that we live in and the increasing product parity that we face signifies a real challenge for us as consumers: so many things on offer, so little time. And the web sparked, social media propelled content culture that we are all part of adds to that – every day, all over the world, at any given time. In today’s market place of conversations, companies – and brands in particular – face two major challenges:

1. carefully listening to and harnessing consumers’ voice by providing products that add true value to their lives

2. getting consumers’ attention and loyalty in a time and place where competition is as fierce as never before

coolbrandz aims to facilitate more intuitive and original ways to spark conversations between brands and consumers and, in the process, generate a maximum of word-of-mouth.

Brands that want to dialogue with the coolbrander community by putting their products in the hands of our members free of charge for them to experience, evaluate and share their views on them, are invited to contact us by e-mail: buzz@coolbrandz.com.


First hand information

In the webzine part of the platform coolbrandz editorial staff, meaning official contributors and guest bloggers, write about products, places, ideas and people that they find cool. Users of coolbrandz can also send in ideas and information about cool stuff by e-mail: buzz@coolbrandz.com. In the „cool releases“ part of the platform brands and their respective agencies have the possibility to publish their press releases. This is a payable service. Users of coolbrandz can read the proposed content, give feedback on it and share it with their friends. Brands can also inform about novelties by advertising on coolbrandz. This too is a payable service.

Exclusive experience

Additionally to informing you of cool novelties available in Switzerland, we encourage brands to put the products they offer in your hands free of charge so that you can experience them prior to purchase. By trying products you can build your own opinion and make conscious purchase decisions in the future. Moreover, trying a product makes it a lot easier for you to understand it, inform others about it and perhaps even recommend it. We thus invite you to become a coolbrander so that you can be informed of new products entering the market and try them before everyone else. In subscribing as a coolbrander you allow us to propose product experiences to you that you are interested in. You can then apply for a specific experience and be selected depending on the product specifications and the number of samples we have available. Being selected for a specific product experience implies getting the product for free, testing it and giving your feedback. Brands that wish to offer their products to our coolbrander community can contact us via buzz@coolbrandz.com.

VIP purchase

coolbrandz offers registered users the possibility to discover and test new and cool products. In some cases the products we feature on coolbrandz are not actually available in retail yet so that our platform is the only place where you can get them. In the start phase payments will be possible only via PayPal and deliveries possible only in Switzerland. Brands that wish to offer their products on coolbrandz are cordially invited to contact us via buzz@coolbrandz.com.

What is coolbrandz?

coolbrandz is a platform that is entirely dedicated to the Swiss market. We feature new and cool brands – meaning products, places, services – that are available in Switzerland. Our aim is to present and inform about them and to allow people to enter in dialogue with them. What is cool? The notion of cool is very subjective. We believe that brands are cool if a large number of people find that they are. Brands can be cool in many different ways and for a variety of reasons to different groups of people. We consider it our mission to help brands connect with people so that they can better understand each other and work conjointly in the creation of products and services of mutual benefits. That is why on coolbrandz we offer brands the opportunity to put their products in the hands of people so that they can try, taste, touch and use and share them with their friends and then give feedback on their product experiences to the brands. We will also allow those interested in purchasing specific products to do so directly on the platform. In the process, we encourage and give tools to coolbrandz users that allow them to share their opinions with others and to spread the word about their product experiences, an effect commonly known as word-of-mouth.