Christmas Gift Idea: ANGAN, natural skincare from Iceland

ANGAN Icelandic natural skincare was born out of Iceland’s ingrained cultural rituals – bathing in natural geothermal pools – in the arctic ocean and using ancient remedies with wild, hand-picked arctic botanicals, which have been used for centuries to care for and heal the skin.

A great addition to any bathroom and the perfect duo to add to your travel beauty bag, is this set comprising Seaweed Bath Salt and Icelandic Moss Salt Scrub.

In Switzerland available at Think Nordic, www.think-nordic.ch, @think_nordic


Angan Natural Skincare Iceland Bathroom



Seaweed Bath Salt

Relaxing and detoxifying blend of geothermal mineral rich sea salt, hand harvested Seaweed and therapeutic essential oils from Lavender and Geranium. The blend hydrates and softens the skin leaving the body refreshed.


Icelandic moss Salt Scrub

Exfoliating mineral rich salt scrub with handpicked Icelandic moss and a blend of nourishing and regenerative oils leaving the skin feeling soft and energized. With fresh citrus scent from therapeutic essential oils of Grapefruit and Bergamot.




About ANGAN Skincare

The Icelandic skincare brand formulates high-performance products of unparalleled quality and effectiveness. Wild-sourced, sustainable arctic ingredients that show results.

YOU are the focus of the brand. Angan’s mission is to remind you to take care of yourself, to remember yourself, to spoil yourself and thereby create a mental foundation with serenity, balance and more self-confidence.

Angan creates sustainable and natural skin care products that are accessible to everyone. Sustainability involves thinking of the entire process, from cultivation and ingredient selection, packaging, manufacturing and transportation to educating consumers on the importance of choosing natural and sustainable products for themselves and the planet.

The brand’s sustainability policy is constantly evolving, and it strives to further reduce its carbon footprint: own production, recyclable packaging, use of natural and sustainable raw materials in their products.

Angan works with Icelandic natural, organic and sustainable ingredients to deliver the best in body and skin results. The products are made from all-natural ingredients of the highest quality, are free from synthetic ingredients and only use the finest natural ingredients with power properties that are carefully selected.

Every single product is handcrafted so Angan knows what goes into everything they make. The packaging is simple and the green bottles are designed to protect and extend the life of the products.


Angan Natural Skincare Iceland Product Range



Meet Iris, Founder of ANGAN Icelandic natural skincare

Iris Laxdal is the founder, plant lover, formulator and creator of ANGAN. Her journey is filled with years of education, research and studying from architect to developer of natural skin care products.

She originally worked as an architect, but realised she didn’t take the time to take care of her body and mind which led to burnout. A herniated disc put her on indefinite sick leave and she was covered in rashes from stress.

Iris realized that she had to do something for herself and take care of her body and mind. Slowly, these became the small steps towards what ANGAN is today.

When Iris was unable to find the right products for her sensitive skin, she knew she had to create her own.

Her ambition is, to make you feel confident in your own skin by using products that contain pure arctic, wild-harvested ingredients that soothe, counteract irritation, regenerate and give your skin more luminosity.

The Angan Rituals are created for you to connect with yourself and nature and discover the wild Icelandic beauty. This is for you. This is your moment. Enjoy!


Angan Natural Skincare Iris Founder

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