Gift Idea: For the love of letters, Faber Castell Pens

Today, we want to present to you this stylish Faber Castell Grip Edition metal case in Berry or Mistletoe containing a Grip fountain pen and a Grip ballpoint pen.




Both writing instruments not only look good, they are also comfortable to hold. The fountain pen’s characteristic, ergonomic soft grip zone and the sophisticated ink-nib combination, which allows it to glide smoothly over the paper, ensure that it is particularly comfortable to write.

With handwritten lines we express our special appreciation and give messages a personal touch. One more reason to choose writing instruments that support our creative process, let our thoughts flow – and are real visual highlights.




About Faber Castell

When the carpenter Kaspar Faber (1730-1784) started his own small pencil factory in Stein outside of Nuremberg in 1761, he laid the foundation for what is now the Faber-Castell company. The business was named “A.W. Faber” after his son Anton Wilhelm Faber (1758-1819) in the second generation.

After Kaspar’s death, his son Anton Wilhelm took over the business that had already grown to a respectable size.  He acquired a plot of land on the edge of Stein with a workshop that within a few years he had expanded into a flourishing manufactory. To this day, the company has its headquarters here.

Internationally known for superb quality, innovation and creativity, the Faber-Castell family of products remain unique throughout the world. From childhood throughout life, Faber-Castell offers a “Creativity for Life” portfolio of quality branded products with true points of difference. Trendy writing instruments and accessories to complement the modern office or study.

Sophisticated and contemporary writing instruments and accessories at a price point for everyday use as well as for corporate and special occasion gift-giving. With a wide choice of writing types including ballpoints, rollerballs, fountain pens and mechanical pencils, each item is crafted with meticulous detail and care.

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