The new fully electric Fiat 500 was first presented in Switzerland last October in the exclusive Jelmoli department store in Zurich. This year, to celebrate the arrival of its newest family member, Fiat Switzerland paired with Montblanc and organised a lifestyle event at the prestigious Hotel Bellevue Palace in Bern, to which we were invited.

As for location, this hotel was the perfect choice for the event! It is the official guest house of the Swiss government and as such, filled with history and the aura left behind by the many international personalities who stayed at the Bellevue. Over 150 years of hosting politicians, heads of state and diplomats from all over the world… there is many an anecdote to tell! Situated in the heart of the Swiss capital, the hotel offers wonderful views of the Bernese Alps and splendid Belle Époque salons. It was fantastic to get a glimpse “Behind the Scenes” of this historic luxury hotel that is renowned for its extraordinary hospitality.

After a presentation of the new Fiat 500e range and lunch at the Noumi, the hotel’s chic urban grill serving world cuisine, Ana got to go on a ride through the city in the car of her choice: Rose Gold!



Full story and tech specs coming SOON! Stay tuned and watch this space!!