Genesis Europe: Launch Event in Interlaken

As the name implies, Genesis is all about creation and this Korean car brand is aiming to create a distinct experience for its clients. To that end, we were invited to take part in the official launch of Genesis Europe in Interlaken at the renowned Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel.

Of course, I readily accepted the invitation and much to my delight was informed that a driver would pick me up in Geneva and transport me to my destination. I was impressed. The driver arrived at the appointed time, and I was struck by the gorgeous silhouette of the GV80 SUV that was waiting for me. The car looks understated but has all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a luxury car, and some that you might not expect.

I had the pleasure of being driven in a dark grey matte SUV with white quilted leather interior. It was plush. In the spacious backseat I found everything needed to ensure a comfortable ride. At my fingertips, I had the climate control, a phone charger, bottle of water, a mask, and the essential of the moment, hand sanitizer. Once I was installed, we pulled off and I was engulfed in silence. It was quite remarkable. Genesis uses a special technology that reduces the noise from outside coming into the vehicle, called Active Road Noise Control. It is the first car of its kind to utilize this, which creates a supremely quiet ride.

Before I knew it, we pulled up to the majestic Victoria-Jungfrau Hotel. I could not believe that two and a half hours had passed so quickly and smoothly. It was as if I had been driven on a cloud – truth be told, I was reluctant to leave my little cocoon. However, I was given a gracious welcome at the hotel and shown to a gorgeous suite. Inside my room, I found the itinerary for the rest of the day and it was nothing short of amazing! I quickly arranged my belongings before going to the lobby to continue my Genesis experience.


Genesis Europe Launch Event Interlaken Presentation G80 GV80 Test Drive


Now the moment I had been waiting for: the test drive. I was escorted outside and was greeted by a fleet of gorgeous G80 and GV80 of which I was given my pick. I knew I wanted to get behind the wheel of that same beauty that I was driven in earlier in the day. After I made my selection, I was given a key and slid into the drivers’ seat. The Genesis was even more impressive from behind the wheel. There is a gorgeous interactive screen that dominates the dashboard and a round touch controller that is the focal point of the console – both are super easy to use. You can even write on the touch controller for more ease. After a quick safety briefing, the destination was set… you can’t visit Interlaken and not visit one of the beautiful lakes!

Immediately, upon pulling out of the parking lot, I noticed how easy it was to drive the Genesis. Everything is intuitive and interactive, including the GPS directions that appear seamlessly in the drivers’ side of the windshield. Once we were out of the city and on the open road, I wanted to see how fast she could go. I was not disappointed! The GV80 definitely has some get up and go, all while retaining the quite atmosphere in the cabin. It can go from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds and can do a quarter mile in 13.9 seconds at a speed of just over 98 mph. Did I also mention that it handles like a dream, it does?

I made it back to the hotel with just enough time to get ready for the official launch event of Genesis in Europe. The Managing Director of Genesis Motors Europe, Dominique Boesch, welcomed us to the event with cocktails on the terrace of the hotel, immediately followed by a scrumptious dinner. We were served a perfectly cooked octopus, followed by a filet of a local trout and sweetly finished with a light confection of fresh summer berries topped with frozen champagne. However, the night was far from over. After dinner the fleet of G80s and GV80s was waiting to take us on a scenic drive to a secret location.



Wanting to have the complete Genesis experience, I hopped into the back of one of the luxurious G80 sedans. The back seat was just as comfortable and spacious as the SUV, but it had that added bonus of being able to recline the seats. So, I decided to lean back and enjoy the view and the ride. We were driven to the picturesque village of Lauterbrunnen. As we got closer to the destination, we could see strobe lights piercing the night sky and illuminating the surrounding trees. It was something out of a Hollywood movie premier. Even the locals were lining the streets to see what all the hubbub was about. We were driven down a path into the forest that was surrounded by lights. Then, we were let out on a black carpet that led to the entrance of a transparent dome. The inside had been transformed to a cozy lounge complete with a bar serving champagne, digestifs, coffees, and small cakes.


Genesis Europe Launch Event Interlaken Dome


I grabbed a glass of champagne, made my way through the dome and found myself outside again. It was as if we had all been transported to a magical forest; you could hear the rushing water from the nearby river as we faced the side of the splendid Swiss Alps. Then, we were engulfed in the darkness. Suddenly, the words HELLO EUROPE flashed on the side of the mountain followed by an impressive video detailing the company’s vision for their vehicles in this new highly competitive market. It was a truly magical evening.

Genesis has a very unique vision for the company and its clients and is based on a Korean term song nem, which means that you are a welcome guest in my house. And this is exactly how I felt the entire time during this experience. Everything was taken care of, and no detail was too small. This is the energy that they will bring as they enter the European market. They have realized that people value experiences and being treated with respect and dignity. Each client will be treated as a welcome guest in their house, because that is exactly what they are. To find our more about the brand visit: www.genesis.com