Italy: Grado Kicks Off the Summer with Beach Life and Events

Embrace the Mediterranean lifestyle and enjoy dolce vita by the sea: Since May 1st, 2024, the beaches in Grado opened, welcoming visitors to this charming fishing town in Friuli Venezia Giulia. Spanning ten kilometres of coastline, Grado offers four dreamy beaches for sun-seekers to indulge in.

With average temperatures around a pleasant 20°C and refreshing water temperatures, the Blue Flag-certified beaches like Spiaggia Principale, Spiaggia Il Bosco, Costa Azzurra, and Grado Pineta beckon travellers to experience authentic Italian holiday vibes by the Lido. Whether you’re a beach club enthusiast, seeking tranquility, or vacationing with furry friends, there’s a perfect spot for everyone.


Grado Italy Old Town Bike Ivan Regolin



Bathed in sunshine and nestled along the northern Adriatic coast, surrounded by the impressive lagoon and blessed with a picturesque old town, Grado effortlessly blends casual elegance with nature and culture. And for those itching to explore the major art cities: Trieste and Venice are both within easy reach.


The opening of the bathing season on May 1st, marked the beginning of a slew of highlights in the region. The upcoming months promise an abundance of exciting events: from thrilling sports events to colourful summer carnivals and classical concerts, the “Sun Island” offers an array of activities for all ages.


Among the highlights of the upcoming season is the International Women’s Tennis Tournament “Città di Grado,” taking place from May 20th to 26th, 2024.

Movie buffs can look forward to the new initiative “Cinewave – a Wave of Cinematic Emotions in Grado Pineta” on four evenings (June 28, July 19, August 16, and September 13). This summer adventure will transform the nights of Grado Pineta into a stage under the stars.

Each film has been carefully selected to engage, inspire, and entertain, bridging the gap between the local community and vacationers. The experience is made even more special with the use of WiFi headsets, offering various language options for film audio playback, allowing both locals and international guests to enjoy the screenings in an inclusive and personalised manner.

For those who enjoy movies and cycling, the “Cinebike Festival“, presenting Italian classics from June 15th to 22nd, 2024, combines film viewing with cycling and slow mobility. The program also places a strong emphasis on sustainability.


Other cultural events include exhibitions such as “Elisabetta d’Austria – Donna moderna” at Casa della Musica, running until May 26th, 2024, offering a new perspective on the life of “Sissi,” and “KLIMT PRINTED” from August 10th to October 27th, 2024, primarily focusing on prints by the world-renowned painter. There’s also a classical concert on the summer solstice on June 21st, 2024, the “Concerto all’Alba” at Lungomare, against a fantastic natural backdrop.

Additionally, there are six new live dates for the “Achille Lauro Summer Fest – A RAVE BEFORE L’ILIADE,” the new and fervent summer stage with Special Guest Boss Doms. A real rave in the name of inclusion, open to all, artists, ravers, freaks, families, and children, which will take place in numerous Italian locations and festivals, including Parco delle Rose in Grado. Tickets available here >>>


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For those eager to explore the true heart of the region, the excursions organized by the Grado Tourism Consortium are a must. These exclusive yet affordable tours provide a deep insight into the many facets of the “Sun Island.”

For example, the “Bus natura – Aperitivo in riserva” excursion invites guests to explore the idyllic Foce dell’Isonzo nature reserve every Tuesday afternoon between June 25th and September 3rd, 2024. Watching the sunset while enjoying an aperitif in complete tranquility is an unforgettable experience.

Wine lovers can indulge in the “Wine & Craft Tour” every Wednesday afternoon between May 8th and September 18th, 2024. Also worth experiencing is the “Laguna Secreta” tour. Exploring the secret cave, from July 12th to 26th and August 9th to 23rd, 2024, brings nature up close, as does visiting the picturesque island of Motafon from May to September 2024 (various dates).


Grado Italy Beach Huts



A series of traditional events provide deep insights into the rich culture of Grado and its surroundings. The “Sabo Grando” on July 7th, 2024, marks the beginning of the festivities for the famous pilgrimage “Perdòn di Barbana,” which takes place on the first Sunday in July and reflects deep religious traditions.


Grado Italy Port Afternoon



Fish fans should not miss the “Sardelada.” The sardine tasting, organised annually by the Grado fishing cooperative, is a real spectacle that allows locals and tourists alike to dive deep into the culture in a delightful way (July 12-14 and 26-28, 2024).

The fascinating summer carnival on July 20th, with a colourful parade, transports visitors to a magical world and is a festive celebration for all the senses. Further information: www.grado.it