Greece: Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites

When searching for possible locations for my summer holidays I knew I want to go some place quiet. Greece, so much I knew and the prospect alone of just relaxing, enjoying the Greek sea, sun and food filled me with sheer joy. Of course, the Greek hospitality is also renown for its quality. So, while searching Cool Destinations on the Internet, I came across Lichnos Beach Hotel & Suites and I can assure you this one is worth a visit.


Lichnos Beach Hotel Drone View



Lichnos Beach is a 5 star luxury beach resort. It is in the northwestern part of Greece and only 5 minutes from the beautiful town of Parga. The hotel is an oasis of luxury and calm. It is built on the sandy beaches of Lichnos and offers a breathtaking view. The surroundings are beautiful and the waters crystal clear.


Lichnos Beach Hotel Waterfront



The hotel’s contemporary design features white interiors. These procure a sense of relaxation and harmony.

All of the rooms offer a fantastic view of the Ionian Sea. So, even if your budget does not allow to book a suite: dreamy vacation guaranteed!

Moreover, the hotel offers a variety of amenities including restaurants, swimming pool and bars.

There is even a private beach where hotel guests can research their own “beach bed”. Yes, that’s right, you can have your own bed on the beach!


Lichnos Beach Hotel Terrace



You can take your breakfast, which is delicious by-the-way, right next to the beach, something that I personally loved.

For those with a family, there is a nice playground for the children. The gardens of the resort offer a stunning view and are perfect for walking and relaxing with the kids.


Lichnos Beach Hotel Sea View



I love action! Even when I am on vacation, I need to know that I have access to a lot of activities.

At Lichnos Beach I found lots of fun things to do. Beyond relaxing at the beach and enjoying the sea swimming, you can practice several water sports.

For example, you can water ski or hire a Jet Ski, which I tried both. The experience was amazing and I didn’t want it to be over.

During our 5-night stay in Lichnos Beach, I didn’t feel the need to go anywhere else. I had everything I needed right here! Great beach, great food, great activities… Why should I leave the premises?


Lichnos Beach Hotel Room



However, after a few days of relaxation, I decided to explore everything that was near our hotel.

So I visited Parga, the town closest to Lichnos and only 5 minutes from the hotel. It thought it is amazing!

The town is one of the most beautiful places you will probably ever see; very vibrant but also very picturesque, like it belongs to another era.

Parga is a very small village yet you can find many restaurants with exquisite Greek cuisine.

Numerous cocktail bars grace the beach and offer a spectacular view. Many little shops are waiting to be explored.

It’s the perfect choice for a night out with friends and family.


If you like history, you can visit the castle of Parga. It was built back in the 11th century and today houses a multitude of ancient treasures of Greek culture.

Before leaving Parga and the Lichnos luxury resort I decided to do something even more memorable.

I visited the Acherontas river. This is a must for all nature lovers because of its outstanding beauty. You can explore the river by rafting but horse riding is also a choice.

I loved being surrounded by nature and hearing only the sound of the water and the birds. I felt  like I was lost in paradise. And although I knew that our departure was imminent, I definitely, definitely did not want to return to the noise of my city.

Helas, it had to be done. But I will keep the precious memory of this wonderful vacation forever in my heart!

Have you been to Lichnos already? Or anywhere else in Greece? What is your dream destination? Share your story with us.

I am looking forward to exchange with you! In the meantime, enjoy this video about Parga. But attention: immediate wanderlust may be felt!