Brand New: Artdeco – Goddess of the Sun

Experience the fusion of modernity and history with the new ARTDECO Bronzing Collection, Goddess of the Sun, transporting Cleopatra’s iconic look into 2024.

Reflecting the power of Cleopatra and ancient Egypt, the collection features golden packaging with striking design elements. Earthy and terracotta tones meet turquoise accents, highlighting the strength of every woman.

Drawing inspiration from the timeless beauty of Egypt, the powerful aura of legendary Cleopatra, and the opulent beauty of Art Deco style, this collection stands out.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Range



The limited-edition vegan All Seasons Bronzing Powder, “Cleopatra Reinvented,” offers a multi-color design for a natural, sun-kissed glow. Comprising three shades that can be individually or combinedly applied based on season and skin type, each color contains subtle pearl pigments for a radiant complexion. Its velvety, long-lasting texture is easy to apply and virtually weightless on the skin, ensuring even color distribution and preventing darkening.

This mineral oil, paraben, perfume, silicone, and talc-free bronzing powder features a three-dimensional powder relief and comes in trendy golden packaging with Egyptian design, dermatologically confirmed for skin compatibility.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Artdeco All Seasons Bronzing Powder



The limited-edition vegan Blush Luminizer, “Divine Glow,” combines blush and highlighter for instant freshness and radiance. Its two soft shades complement each other perfectly, enhanced by included pearl for a luxurious finish. Mineral oil, paraben, and perfume-free, this Blush Luminizer boasts exclusive golden packaging with Egyptian design and three-dimensional powder relief, dermatologically confirmed for skin compatibility.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Artdeco Blush Luminizier



Introducing the Limited Edition Vegan Sunkissed Blush “Goddess of the Sun,” a fusion of bronzing powder and blush that delivers a natural sun-kissed glow without mineral oil, parabens, or fragrance. Its creamy texture blends seamlessly for long-lasting wear, enhanced by a touch of pearl for a luxurious finish. Packaged in exquisite gold with Egyptian design, this blush is a true standout.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Artdeco Sunkissed Blush



Create versatile looks from natural to dramatic with the intense eyeshadows of the Eyelights Palette. Eight metallic and pearl shades offer endless possibilities, boasting excellent color payoff and vibrant hues. Channel beachy vibes with “Egyptian Goddess,” featuring warm brown, sand, and turquoise tones, all housed in stunning golden packaging.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Look Artdeco Eyelights Palette Open



The vegan Khol Waterproof Liner in “Deepest Black” N°1 delivers intense pigment and long-lasting wear with a soft gel texture. Perfect for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers, it’s paraben, perfume, and talc-free, ensuring a smudge-proof finish even in extreme conditions.

Elevate your lashes with the Volume Supreme Mascara in new shades “Blue-Black” N°2 and “Brown” N°4, offering exceptional curl and volume. The flexible Kaleidoscopic brush separates and fans out lashes for a bold, dramatic look, while the golden Egyptian-themed packaging adds a touch of luxury.

For irresistibly soft and plump lips, try the Lip Wonder Serum, enriched with a triple-action formula to regenerate and hydrate. This serum, free from mineral oil, paraben, and talc, leaves lips feeling nourished and visibly fuller, thanks to its gel-like polymer that forms a protective moisture barrier.

Indulge in the Hydra Care Lipstick, a paraben-free formula that pampers lips with a trio of nourishing ingredients. Its creamy texture and nude shades, “Oxide Oasis” N°41 and “Nude Oasis” N°44, offer both comfort and style, complemented by the limited-edition turquoise packaging.

Complete your look with the Soft Lip Liner Waterproof, available in new shades “Camel” N°115 and “Rosy Nude” N°117. Its long-lasting, waterproof formula ensures precise application and prevents lipstick from feathering, while being paraben and fragrance-free.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Eye Make-Up



For flawless nails, try the Art Couture Nail Lacquer, delivering vibrant color and brilliant shine with patented ingredients and nourishing actives. The high-tech formula dries quickly and improves nail structure, available in shades like “Ancient Scarab” N°808 and “Pharaoh Pearl” N°931.

Achieve beautifully bronzed legs with the Spray on Leg Foundation, a summer essential that camouflages imperfections while providing long-lasting, water-resistant coverage. Enriched with vitamin E and green tea extracts, it’s available in shades to suit every skin tone.


ARTDECO Godess of the Sun Nails Legs