Bepure natural, vegan Skincare

All bepure products are vegan, no ingredients of animal origin are used in the process. In fact, bepure is the first Swiss natural cosmetics brand that has all its products vegan-certified by Swissveg with the V-label.

The products are developed, tested and manufactured in collaboration with selected producers in Morocco. They are bottled in Switzerland. Labeling and packaging are done by the center for work integration in Winterthur.

Via bepure.ch products are delivered within Switzerland and Lichtenstein; via bepureskincare.com products are shipped in the EU and worldwide. Bepure takes back the empty bottles of its cosmetic oils, cleans and recycles them. Those who support the brand in their quest for even more sustainability can benefit from perks.


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Beauty tipps for expecting mums

Bepure skincare nourishes and cares for sensitive skin during pregnancy. Each pregnancy is not only a wonderful and individual experience but often also a special situation for the body and a challenge for the skin.

The skin expands and blood circulation increases. In addition, the hormone levels rise and this can make the skin particularly sensitive to care products, food, and detergents.

Kathleen is the founder of bepure skincare. During her second pregnancy, her skin on the face, cleavage, and the upper arms reacted even more intensively and sensitively with redness to certain foods or fruit acids than during her first pregnancy.


Bepure Skincare Vegan Natural Pregnancy



For several years now, she has already renounced cow’s milk products. The desire for it came back when she got pregnant. It was all the more important to calm and nourish her skin with effective but mild products.

Nevertheless, she did not want to give up her personal care moments and high-quality products. These are her indispensable bepure skincare favorites:


1. Intensive Daycare Facial Oil

Any mother who already has a toddler, is working and maybe is pregnant again, will understand like no other that often in a second or third pregnancy the time for extended care rituals in the morning and in the evening is simply absent.

The super-light facial oil is the savior to cleanse and care for face and cleavage. The combination of argan and rose oil thoroughly removes sebum or eye makeup and then maintains the skin light and fresh, without clogging the pores. Kathleen’s reddened skin was soothed and recovered overnight with INTENSIVE DAYCARE.


2. Brightening Eye Serum  

The next indispensable daily helper who never misses in Kathleen’s bag when out and about. Pure and cold-pressed prickly pear seed oil is not only extremely mild to the eye area but also extremely rich in vitamin E, essential fatty acids and vitamin K. It is the optimal supplement to the face oil and just right for swollen eyes after sleepless nights during pregnancy.


3. Fresh Bodycare Body Oil

Kathleen can never do without the fresh scent of blackberry and lemon on stomach and legs after hot and cold showers and a massage with the loofah glove. Only for the arms and cleavage she has renounced essential citrus oil and cared for her skin with pure almond oil.


4. Beautiful Hair Hair Oil

Haircare with immediate effect, if there is no time for a longer hair mask. Whether as care before washing your hair, in wet hair or overnight, Beautiful Hair gives supple ends in just a few minutes. The base of cold-pressed organic argan oil smoothes damaged hair and gives back elasticity. Avocado oil and jojoba oil improve the moisture content and give natural suppleness. Castor oil promotes hair growth, strengthens hair and gives a silky shine.


Bepure Natural Skincare Vegan Cosmetics Body Oil Face Oil



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