Iceland with Luminox: Launch of ICE-SAR Arctic Series 1000

Over the years, since launching Coolbrandz, I got to experience some pretty cool things – and for that, I am eternally grateful! One of the most impressive experiences I was afforded so far: spend a couple of days in Iceland with Luminox.

The reason: the Swiss watchmaker has partnered with ICE-SAR, the Icelandic Search and Rescue Association, and launched a special series of watches.




We got to participate in various rescue drills involving all the elements: Land, Air and Sea. To get a glimpse at how ICE-SAR works in the toughest conditions – rain, wind changing directions, freezing water, restricted visibility, and darkness – was AMAZING!

We all know Iceland for its breathtaking landscapes and it is true, here you really can feel how closely connected the people are with nature.

Although we did not get to see so much of the country in the short time we were there, we saw volcanos, drove across lava fields, along the coastline, got a taste of the freezing, salty sea, spotted some sheep who were roaming freely, visited Reykjavik and enjoyed some truly delicious food.




The absolute highlight, however, was the time we spent with the people from the Rescue Association:

  1. Press conference at the ICE-SAR training vessel
  2. Interview with world record-holding polar expedition leader and Luminox ambassador Alex Hibbert
  3. Rescue drill on the water involving a spectacular ride on a boat with the cost guards and helicopters
  4. Visit of the shipwrecks at Grindavik on quads
  5. Annual ICE-SAR conference with seasoned speakers
  6. Presentation by Rick Stanton, a British cave diver involved in the incredible Cave Rescue in Thailand

This trip is simply unforgettable and whenever I look at my ICESAR watch, I have the fondest memories.