The Art of Craftsmanship: Rosenthal meets Versace

The Art of Craftsmanship! Illusionistic décors and sculptural vase objects by Rosenthal and Rosenthal meets Versace

From the first glance enigmatic, but delicate and with a strong character, – this is how openly the décors of the table services and vases by Rosenthal and Rosenthal meets Versace play with the eye of the beholder.

Light also plays a significant role in this process. It creates a proper setting for designs on the edge between art and sculpture, thus highlighting the excellence of porcelain as a material along with Rosenthal’s craftsmanship.


Rosenthal Node Stripes Vases Mood



Rosenthal: Francis Carreau Beige & Carreau Bleu

Historical references and modern elegance come together in the “Carreau” pattern on the Francis design to create a classically luxurious yet simple- looking table arrangement.

The interplay of shaded and unshaded checked areas in royal blue and delightful beige with a delicate gold outline produces a kaleidoscopic colour effect.

Subtle white surfaces bring a calming and airy feeling to the design and create an exciting contrast between light and dark, which is wonderfully complemented by the clear lines of the “Francis” design.


Rosenthal meets Versace: La Greca Signature

The new La Greca Signature dining collection reflects the Versace’s lifestyle in an extravagant colour combination of red and black.

The décor is an extension of the La Greca motif and appears as a three-dimensional relief on high-quality porcelain.

The subtle geometric ornaments are contrasted with black or white to create an effective illusionistic effect. Elegant Versace lettering adorns this sophisticated collection and is set on plates of various sizes in gold tone.

Whether in black or red, the signature Greca pattern adds an inimitable finish to the contemporary and modern dining collection. The collection of red plates arrives in two different sizes, complete with a mug, small bowls and platters.

In black, the collection features plates and bowls in various sizes, in addition to cups, table lights with scented wax and a two-person tea set with a teapot andteacups.

Creating a mix-and-match collection, find La Greca Signature sets in red and black.


Rosenthal: Phi

Cairn Young has designed the “Phi” collection for Rosenthal featuring five vases with striking surface structures: Freeze, Spindrift, City, Manhattan and Snow.

Complex, spiral-shaped geometric patterns cover the white porcelain bodies, transforming them into sculptural objects with an innovative 3D effect.

Triangles become frosty blossoms, crystals become snowflakes and cubic shapes form a skyline. The effect made by light refracting on the vase surfaces adds a poetic element.

These items are beautiful both as standalone pieces or arranged as a decorative vase ensemble.


Rosenthal: Squall

Fascinated by materials’ plasticity and limits of deformability, French designer Cédric Ragot designed a vase series “Squall” for Rosenthal.

This vase object picks up on the idea behind Ragot’s already highly successful “Fast” vase, which he created back in 2007, to capture and freeze the entire dynamics of a movement. “Squall” is reminiscent of a whirlwind, whose elemental force is cast and immortalised in porcelain.

The vases are extraordinary design objects with considerable charisma and available in three sizes.


Rosenthal: Skum

The vase “Skum” (Danish: foam) by the architectural office BIG is modeled on an inflatable art pavilion, which the Danish star architect Bjarke Ingels designed for the Tuborg brewery in 2016.

Similar to soap bubbles, porcelain balls are joined together here to form an object with a strong character that will stand out in any interior.

The 26 cm tall “Skum” vase is available in two versions made of high-quality porcelain: in matt and glossy white, it scores with Scandinavian understatement.


Rosenthal: Vase of Phases

The vase symbolises the experience of changes in life for the artist Dror Benshetrit who works in America. Accordingly, his development of the “Vase of Phases” has progressed through several stages of creation on its way to completion.

The basis is a feminine shaped vase which enters into an experimental phase when it is shattered, as is the artist’s intention. It then becomes rougher, seductive, sharp and enticing.

These changes are visualised on the “shattered” object by smudged cracks and smoothed out folds.

The “Vase of Phases” is thus awarded a new type of beauty showing traces of the three phases it has passed through and available in black or white.


Rosenthal: Node Stripes

Intertwined shape, flowing lines, soft porcelain – the ingredients of the “Node” vase by Martin Hirth are simple, and the result is captivating. Also in the miniature version.

In 12 cm size, the table vases with handpainted stripes design reveal their distinctive charm. The fine lines underline the dynamic shape of the node and provide Node vases a look that is both elegant and fresh.

The colours surely contribute to this: Mango, Blueberry, Plum and Apple spark the desire for fruit ice cream and summer feeling.


From Porcelain Pioneer to an International Design Company

Rosenthal products stand out for their design, function, quality and ongoing innovative spirit.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, design and art, but also the smart newcomers and talents design avant-garde dining collections, sophisticated interiors and exclusive gifts.

With exceptional craftsmanship, Rosenthal has been producing porcelain “Made in Germany” for more than 140 years.

At the same time, the two porcelain factories in Selb and Speichersdorf are among the most modern production facilities in the porcelain industry worldwide and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made.


Rosenthal Francis Carreau Bleu Table Setting