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Imagine being able to call for help by pressing a button on your watch. That is the basic premise of SmartWatcher. The Zurich based company created a discreet and elegant safety companion, that looks just like a watch.


Smartwatcher Safety Watch Carmen Sirboiu



It has all the functionalities of a normal wristwatch but comes equipped with an interesting extra feature: a software-enabled alarm button that you can press should you feel the need. Pushing it instantly connects you with your helpers. They can speak to you through the loudspeaker and microphone built into the watch and can see your exact position thanks to the advanced geo-location system, which works even inside buildings.

From a purely visual point of view, the devices cannot be distinguished from a normal watch. The solution behind it, however, is so sophisticated that even US TV stations reported it; a Swiss publication called it “A guardian angel for the wrist”.

Carrying such an emergency call watch can make you feel safer and more confident in everyday life, at home as well as when you are out and about. And think not just of yourself but your family, your parents and grandparents… Would it not be nice to know them safe, especially if they are living by themselves and you are not always around? And because the watches are stylish and their alarm features discreet, your loved one will actually want to wear them! Sounds a lot like a gift that is useful?

The PEARL watch is analog and Bluetooth enabled and pairs with both Android and Apple mobile phones through the SmartWatcher App (free to download). When you press the button it activates the app, which sends an alert to all the Watchers you pre-registered (up to 12). They get a push notification that opens the app and shows your position on the map and then they can decide to call you or the emergency services. The watch is waterproof, has a medical stainless steel case, Swarovski Zirconia.

Apart from the PEARL watch, there are these standalone devices: SENSE and CHRONO. They are totally independent solutions. They come with a built-in Swisscom SIM card, integrated microphone and loudspeaker, which allow 2-way voice communication. SENSE is very light, comfortable and looks pretty cool, CHRONO is slightly bigger but its battery is bigger also and can last up to 4 days. This device is IP67 water-resistant and can be worn during bath and shower.

These standalone devices come with a Swisscom SIM card. To activate it, you will have to subscribe to an emergency plan (around CHF 10 per month). It is the perfect solution for seniors living alone or for people practising sports that need a higher level of safety.

When you get the watches you register them on the SmartWatcher website and then choose whether you want to subscribe to the FRIENDS&FAMILY or PROFESSIONAL service.

The FRIENDS&FAMILY service will send the alarm when you press the button to the helpers you pre-registered through the user portal (my.SmartWatcher.com, up to 12 helpers that, when you invite them through the portal, receive an SMS inviting them to download the app. Then they have to accept the invitation in the app.). The helpers will receive a push notification, which opens the app and shows the position on the map and then they can call the person directly from the app on their watch and talk to them to assess the situation and arrange proper help.

In case you choose PROFESSIONAL, pushing the button sends the alert to a Swiss call center operating 24/7 where a professional will see the position of the caller on their portal and also their personal details which were collected during the registration process.

There is an additional feature, which is part of the PROACTIVE CARE theme. It is perfect for people with initial dementia or other issues that might result in them being lost or go missing. Basically, through the user portal the care-giver (which can be a professional or a family member) can locate the watch wearer at any time, call them on their watch and get help if required.

“Independence is something that seniors tend to value very highly”, explains Bruna Carvalho, SmartWatcher’s Marketing Director. “Maintaining it promotes a sense of achievement that for many people generates a great sense of self-worth and well-being.”

Helping seniors stay safe, not only prolongs their independence, it also gives them a valuable sense of security and empowerment – whether they are aging at home or in an assisted environment.

The watches are available in the online shop and in specialized stores all over Switzerland that are listed here, in the Storelocator >>>.


About SmartWatcher

Striving to become Europe’s leading brand for wearable security solutions, Smartwatcher Technologies AG was since the company was founded in 2015 based on the clear vision and belief that personal safety is such a fundamental need that it should be available to everyone.

The Swiss team of innovative designers and engineers works relentlessly to develop easy-to-use and flexible solutions that let people feel safe at home and when out and about, knowing that should any kind of emergency arise, help will be summoned.

Thousands of customers are already using the safety app that supports all leading smartwatches, smartphones and wearables platforms, offering unprecedented flexibility to make the device of your choice part of your personal safety solution.

Introducing their own line of emergency watches with built-in 3G mobile connectivity, Smartwatcher offers simple and discrete solutions for people with special safety needs, elderly people, and people doing outdoor sports – and you can choose whether you prefer to have help from friends and family or if you prefer to have professional tele-assistance from our 24 hours emergency call centre.

Whether at home or out and about, you are connected to your private circle of helpers, or to a professional telecare or protection service of choice.

Smartwatcher makes professional safety available to everyone at the press of a button.


The App can be downloaded on the AppStore or Google Play. For all the updates, follow SmartWatcher online: Facebook, Twitter, G+