Breakfast smoothie: it’s delicious and a happiness booster!

In 2017, we helped Nespresso with the launch of their brand new, super small coffee machine, the Essenza Mini. Part of the project was the elaboration of a delicious, healthy breakfast smoothie. Who better to ask to help us with that than our favorite foodie, Sofia Clara? Her blog is full of inspiration for a healthier, happier life.

Happiness is always a good thing. We all strive for it and most of us also aim to make the people around us happy. Family, friends, colleagues…. life is better when the people we care about are content.

One way to start the day right is a good breakfast and taking the time to savor it. That is one of the things I started to reincorporate in my day on the quest for a happier, more balanced life. That’s right, for years I skipped breakfast because… well, a hundred silly reasons. Then, by lunchtime, I was soooo hungry.

For a couple of weeks now I started to begin the day with breakfast, and “liquid” breakfast in particular. Smoothies are fantastic to kick you in gear in the morning. Always varied, super easy and quickly prepared, they have become my new, favorite thing.

So here is a recipe for two, inspired by Sofia Clara:

2 espressi (cold)
240g banana (frozen, sliced)
500ml almond milk
4 tablespoons wholemeal oats
2 tablespoons cacao nibs
2 tablespoons almond butter

Put all ingredients in a blender and mix until smooth. The video below takes you through step-by-step.

To serve your breakfast smoothie, I have a cool idea for you. Cool, because it looks nice AND it helps to recycle: don’t throw your empty jam jars away! Repurpose them by using them as glasses. Fill your smoothie in and enjoy!