Cool Cocktail Bars in Vienna

01. Truth & Dare, Schönlaterngasse 4, 1010 Vienna

Truth and Dare is located in the heart of the city of Vienna. Motto: “We do not serve what you can have everywhere – we’d rather dare you to try something new. Of course, we can mix your favorite classic, but hey: Dare to dare yourself!”

Location & Contact: Truth and Dare, Schönlaterngasse 4, 1010 Vienna, E:



02. Underdog Bar, Schlösselgasse 24, 1080 Wien

Motto: Underdog – A Team that is expected to lose. When the Underdog wins, the outcome of his victory is even bigger.

Drinks menu: classics with a twist and signature drinks such as the “Underdog Sour” with gin and pomegranate. The hot dogs are far from the simple sausage in a bun. Oh no! They are creative, happy and hearty. Also in vegan Rebel Meat version! Underdog Catering: Carefree moments at Vienna’s first bar with cocktail and hot dog catering! Plastic-free events including environmental and waste concept.

Sunday and Monday closed, Tuesday to Thursday 18:00 – 23:00, Friday and Saturday 18:00 – 03:30. T: +43 650 774 74 86, E:



03. Matiki, Gardegasse 2/4, 1070 Wien, Austria

In 2017, Arik and Matty Vinnitski, two Belgian-Ukrainian brothers, brought the first tiki project to the booming bar scene of Vienna.

In this buzzing cocktail bar in the seventh district, you won’t find kitschy tiki, but classy tiki! The small room in the Gardegasse counts 38 seats and reflects the founders love for all things Tiki. You wouldn’t guess it walking up to Matiki but the bar exudes summer!

A colourful cocktail menu with cute illustrations, busty ladies as glasses, waiters who wear Hawaiian shirts and, of course, super cool cocktails. The Vinnitski’s run their bar with great attention to detail and the necessary know-how. Matty has already mixed at If Dogs run free and at the Miranda Bar. A special highlight: the funny cocktail cups reminiscent of Venus von Willendorf and popcorn as a bar snack.

Open Monday-Thursday, 18.00-02.00, Friday-Saturday, 18.00-03.00. T: +43 (0)6608254576, E: