Influencer Campaign 2013: essie Repstyle

“Rattle and Roll”, that was the motto when essie launched its iconic Repstyle Collection in 2013.

Coolbrandz was the agency mandated with Influencer Relations at the time, and Influencer meant “Blogger” as Instagram was only just starting to become popular in Switzerland. Most bloggers in these years were in fact beauty or fashion bloggers. We selected the fifteen most influential with representatives of every linguistic region of Switzerland.

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essie repstyle Influencer Campaign Switzerland



In the vibrant world of nail polish, essie has long been synonymous with innovation and trendsetting.

Among its many celebrated collections, one that stands out for its unique and transformative qualities is the iconic Repstyle Collection.

Released to critical acclaim, this line of magnetic nail lacquers introduced a new level of creativity and allure to nail art enthusiasts.

So, let’s explore the magic behind the essie Repstyle collection, and how it continues to captivate the imaginations of nail polish aficionados the world over!

essie repstyle Full Collection

Unveiling the Reptilian Elegance:

Launched in 2013, the Repstyle Collection by essie took the beauty industry by storm with its innovative magnetic formula.

What made this collection truly distinctive was its reptilian-inspired finish, giving nails a mesmerizing and textured look reminiscent of snakeskin.

The lacquers were not just about color; they were a tactile experience, inviting users to explore the wild side of nail art.


essie repstyle Influencer Campaign Lenie Loves



Magnetic Magic:

At the heart of the Repstyle Collection’s allure was its use of magnetic particles.

The unique formula allowed users to create dynamic patterns on their nails with a simple swipe of the magnet included in the lid.

The magnetic effect produced a 3D, snakeskin-like pattern that shimmered and shifted in the light, adding an extra layer of sophistication to the overall look.

This groundbreaking technology set the Repstyle Collection apart from traditional nail polishes, making it a must-have for those seeking an adventurous and edgy style.


essie repstyle Full Collection Shades



Diverse Color Palette:

The Repstyle Collection didn’t just stop at revolutionary texture; it also featured a diverse and enticing color palette.

From deep, sultry shades like “Crocadilly” and “Sssssexy” to more neutral tones like “Snake It Up” and “Repstyle,” essie ensured that there was a reptilian-inspired color for every style and occasion.

The versatility of the collection allowed users to express their individuality while embracing the collection’s bold aesthetic.


essie repstyle Full Collection All Colours



Nail Art Revolution:

The Repstyle Collection wasn’t just about applying nail polish; it marked a significant moment in the evolution of DIY nail art.

The magnetic effect made it easier for users to create intricate designs without the need for advanced skills or tools.

The collection empowered nail enthusiasts to experiment with textures and patterns, elevating the art of at-home manicures.



Though the Repstyle Collection made its debut over a decade ago, its timeless appeal endures.

Nail art enthusiasts and beauty aficionados continue to seek out these magnetic lacquers for their ability to add a touch of mystique and sophistication to any look.

The collection has become a symbol of essie’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of conventional nail art and offering consumers the tools to express their creativity.

Essie’s Repstyle Collection remains a landmark in the world of nail polish, where innovation and creativity converge. With its magnetic formula, reptilian-inspired textures, and diverse color palette, the Repstyle Collection stands as a testament to essie’s dedication to providing users with the tools to unleash their wild and creative side.