Ticino Hotel Hopping: hospitality and gastronomy in Lugano

Ticino is my “home”. It’s where I was born and raised, it’s the place I go back to, to see old friends and family; when I need to recharge my batteries, I take some time off, go there and relax in the comfort of what’s familiar to me.

When I was invited to (re)discover the region as part of a “hotel hopping” experience, I was thrilled! It’s strange to be a tourist in a place you think you know, but in fact you don’t.

Like many other avid travellers, I too, tend to overlook the beauty of my own country. I know Ticino has much to offer but I’m so eager to travel to distant exotic places that I sometimes forget how lucky I am, to come from such a wonderful region.


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After checking in at the charming Villa Sassa, I got a private tour of downtown Lugano. Well known as a business city in Ticino and Switzerland, Lugano is so much more! The city is working hard to promote its splendid landscapes, Mediterranean flair and flavours. Lugano Turismo offers all sorts of entertainments, for every age and taste. You will be spoiled for choice!


I finally got the opportunity to visit the well known LAC; the new cultural centre, dedicated to music, visual and performing art; a must see when in town. Despite its modern architectural structure, LAC blends perfectly into the city.



Later that evening, after a bubbly apero with stunning views, we enjoyed a delightful 3-course dinner at one more of Ticino Hotels: the Villa Sassa’s Restaurant “Ai Giardini di Sassa” 14 G&M points, with the new Chef of the Hotel, Teo Chiaravalloti.

The morning after, we started the day with a private, invigorating Yoga session at the well-equipped Villa Sassa’s fitness centre. We were also invited to visit the hotel’s beautiful DOT.SPA, with its leisurely atmosphere and nicely decorated rooms it is the perfect place to go, to let go and unwind.

Our lunch took place at the marvellous Kurhaus Cademario Hotel & Spa. The views from the Hotel are breathtaking!

We were warmly welcomed and enjoyed a tasty fitness lunch before having some time off, to savour the fabulous Spa.

While lazing at the pool, you just cannot get enough of the surrounding landscapes. This elegant Hotel is situated 850 meters above sea level and although you are only 12km from Lugano, you will feel totally immersed in nature.



In the evening we transferred to Park Hotel Principe and dined at Principe Leopoldo’s Restaurant, 17 G&M points, with Chef Dario Ranza. Our 5-course dinner was a heavenly, unforgettable gourmet experience.


I’m so glad I had the opportunity to discover Ticino Hotels and Lugano from a different point of view. To live the city as a tourist, enjoy the sights and everything it has to offer was a real eye-opener for me.

This experience made me fully aware of the many hidden gems of this region.

Travelling teaches you a lot, about yourself, other people, cultures, and countries; but sometimes you don’t have to go too far to learn new, wonderful things.