Beam Suntory x Josef Bar: The House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails

Beam Suntory presents: The House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails in cooperation with Philipp M. Ernst, owner of the Josef Bar – Specially mixed cocktails by Philipp M. Ernst with Roku Japanese Craft Gin, Haku, the first Japanese vodka from Suntory and Toki Suntory Whisky, the balanced blend of carefully selected whiskies.


Beam Suntory Josef Bar Wien Bottled Cocktails mit Roku, Haku und Toki - Fotograf Philipp M. Ernst



Everything for the bar at home!

Bottled cocktails are a global trend that – starting from the lockdowns during the Corona period – has brought high-quality drinks to our homes. All spirits experts from the gastronomy sector agree that this trend will continue for a long time.

Practical: Perfect and already mixed, they are suitable for a party at home and for every taste – the perfect drink for every occasion.

All you need is a glass and ideally ice cubes, and you have an excellent summer drink. They are also ideal for a summer after-work outside: a ready-to-drink cocktail without much effort and without any additional ingredients!

On June 24th, 2022, Beam Suntory presented the new House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails as part of a launch event. The cocktails were developed together with Master Mind and owner of the Josef Bar Vienna, Philipp M. Ernst.




The new House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails with Roku, Haku and Toki

The three cocktails are based on the three Japanese premium spirits brands by House of Suntory  – Roku Gin, Toki Whisky and Haku Vodka – and are perfect for Japanese food pairing and finger food.

Philipp M. Ernst: “The ingredients of the cocktails, such as yuzu, jasmine, pandan or sencha tea are very often used in Asian cuisine and are therefore the perfect accompaniment for many Asian dishes. Our cocktails harmonize best with sushi or maki, but also with warm dishes. I would particularly like to recommend our Honchu Bottled Cocktail with Toki Whisky to go with Tantans. It’s Asian marinated beef or pork. The perfect food pairing!”

Philipp M. Ernst, who was recently named bartender of the year 2022 by the specialist magazine Rolling Pin, chose cars as the leitmotif for the labels on the bottles, and thus a reference to the Japanese car scene as part of the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market)* culture. It is primarily about vehicles that come from the Japanese country of origin and were developed and built according to their regulations.


Beam Suntory Josef Bar Wien Bottled Cocktails Haku Roku Toki Labels


In the meantime, more and more countries in Europe and America are importing exactly these vehicles, and the JDM scene is growing outside of Japan as well, as Philipp M. Ernst reports.

*Note: Japan domestic market refers to Japan’s home market for vehicles and vehicle parts.

In combination with the origin of the House of Suntory premium spirits, the common denominator for the special designs was found with Japan. The three cars on the label of the Bottled Cocktails were drawn by graphic artist Balazs Vernes and are intended to reflect the character, taste and aroma of each cocktail.

In addition to the basic spirit, the label also provides information about the other cocktail ingredients.

The three House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails are:

Tokio Drift: Roku / Sencha Tea / Supasawa
Rice Rice Baby: Haku / Sake / Pandan / Juzu
Honchu: Toki / Jasmine / Acid / Spicy Vanilla

The new House of Suntory Bottled Cocktails with Roku, Haku and Toki are available in the Josef Highball & Josef Cocktailbar, as well as in the Josef Bar’s online shop – under “Signature Bottled Cocktails” and cost €39.50 (3 x 100ml).


Beam Suntory - House of Suntory - Roku, Toki, Haku



About the Josef Bar

In the Austrian ranking of the specialist magazine Rolling Pin, the Josef Highball Bar is number 3 of the 50 best bars. Falstaff Magazine places the Josef Highball Bar in 5th place among the best Austrian bars.

MIXOLOGY recently honored the couple Andrea Hörzer and Philipp M. Ernst from Vienna for their extensive entrepreneurial activities during the crisis: They received the award for “Strategy & Future”.

The Josef Bar, which opened in 2017, still serves as the core of their work. Apart from that, Hörzer and Ernst have turned it into a multi-layered brand around high-quality cocktail culture in the course of the corona pandemic – e.g. including a second bar, a pizza concept, bottled cocktails that can be delivered worldwide, cooperation with artists and their own merchandise.

Josef Bar – Cocktail Bar • Highball Bar • Catering • Shop (josef-bar.at)
Highball Bar – Josef Bar (josef-bar.at)


Beam Suntory - House of Suntory - Toki - Josef Bar - Fotograf Philipp M. Ernst



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