Royal Savoy Lausanne: luxury in every detail

I have had the pleasure to stay in the luxurious 5 star Hotel Royal Savoy in Lausanne several times already. Sometimes after an event, sometimes as part of a press trip… and I always found it very special. From the elegant reception, via the culinary offer, to the furnishing of the rooms… everything is top notch and well thought out down to the smallest detail. Here I have listed a few things that I particularly like about this hotel.


Hotel Royal Savoy Lausanne Front


1. Located in Lausanne

For more than 20 years, I have lived in the beautiful canton of Vaud. Not always in Lausanne, but always in the region. For several years the Royal Savoy was closed, and whenever I passed by the majestic building, I wondered what future was destined for it. And suddenly: good news! An investor entered the scene. Since then, the Royal Savoy has flourished again and developed into one of the most popular luxury hotels in Lausanne.


2. Splendid views 

Sky Lounge is the name of the rooftop restaurant at Royal Savoy. It is a lovely spot for a business lunch, an afterwork or aperitif. The 360° views over Lausanne are stunning. The food concept is “Sunny dishes to share” and comprises a selection of small plates with all sorts of tapas, appetisers, and bar food, so you can share and try different things. The cocktail selection pairs fabulously with the food!




3. Gourmet Cuisine at La Brasserie

The Brasserie is Royal Savoy’s flagship restaurant. It serves authentic, traditional dishes made of local, seasonal produce. In all simplicity, yet sophisticated, the menu consists of signature dishes as well as revisited classics: turbot, sole, or pork chop, steak, or a selection of meatless alternatives… nobody will leave hungry as the plates are generous and the creations always refined. My personal favourite is the Riz de Veau, I can really recommend it!


4. The “open kitchen” for breakfast

Guided by the smell of coffee in the breakfast room you will find all kinds of delicious surprises: crispy, fresh bread that is still warm, freshly squeezed juices, crunchy fruits, and everything you need for starting your day in the best way! You can expect a breakfast fit for a king or queen. In the open kitchen, you can see the chefs sizzle, cut, and cook. The delicious scents that emanate awaken all your senses!




5. Sssmokin’ – The Cigar Lounge

Cigar aficionados can rejoice! The Royal Savoy offers a magnificent, ultra-comfortable Cigar Lounge. It is open exclusively to the pleasure of cigars, no other tobacco product is authorised here. From Cohiba to Imperiales, the selection of vitolas is prestigious. If you are a Club member, you can savor exceptional varieties and spirits here, and take part in exclusive events.




6. Royal sleeps, no touch lamps

Every time we stayed, we loved the tranquility of the rooms with their natural colours and cozy ambiance. When you climb into your comfy bed, ready to snooze, a small wave of the hand is all it takes with the No Touch lamps on either side of the bed. All you have to do is raise a hand and a detector senses that it’s time to sleep. Bonne nuit, sweet dreams!